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The new game Sushi Cat 5 called Sushi Cat-a-pult. The gameplay of this game is different from the previous parts. The main character is still blue cat in the form of a ball, but this time he was not just going to fall down and eat sushi roll, as he did before. Now you'll use the catapult to launch the cat! The cat should fly the greatest possible distance.

Along the way he will eat sushi and get fat. For this you will receive a score or money. For the money you can buy at the store a variety of upgrades for the cat. Only thanks to this improvement, you will be able to overcome all obstacles.

Sushi Cat 5


Sushi Cat 5 game begins with the fact that the cat is walking with his wife in the gardens of Sashimi (20 km. From Tokyo). All passers-by simply admire this pair. During the walk, they stumble on advertising, which states that if there is willing to fly a rocket into space, then this will be the astronaut for life will have sushi for free! Our character, of course, could not resist, he had an obsession, in that at all costs, get free sushi.

When he will fly the first couple of miles, the bird suddenly snatch his beloved ... What adventures await our cat on, you will learn if you pass all the levels of this addictive online game.

How to play

At some point in time you have to press the left mouse button to launch catapult with maximum effort. LED power launch on the left side of the screen. At the beginning of the game, after the cat went to the flight, you can give it a few times acceleration. In the process you will be able to buy improvements for the Cat in the store. They will give you additional tricks and features. For example, you can buy the assistants who will push the cat in a difficult moment, and enhance the ability to attract sushi. In the process of eating sushi, cat will gain weight incredible, but be careful, it may stumble on spikes and a little "blown away."

Age category

Sushi Cat is suitable for all ages. This lively, colorful game. Children and adults alike will have fun eating sushi spherical cat.


With each new level of complexity of the game increases. If you manage to go through the game and find out the end of these adventures Sushi Cat, we invite you to play in the next part of the game. On our site you can play online in Sushi Cat 1 2 3 4 5.