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The new game Sushi Cat 4, which is called Sushi Cat: The Honeymoon. This arcade game in which you have to throw a round elastic Cat. He will be eating sushi in large quantities. The cat jumps on the various moving and stationary obstacles and eats all the sushi that caught him on the way. Further he falls into one of the boxes at the bottom of the screen.

Not for the first time you have to help the blue cat to gain weight. To do this, he must eat sushi as much as possible. In addition to new levels in the game there are additional opportunities. After the main character eats a special sushi, he can throw his tongue just like a frog. All the sushi, which caught him on the way, stick to it. Choose direction deliberately, you have time to think, try to throw tongue in hard-to- reach for Sushi Cat area.

Sushi Cat 4


The protagonist of the game Sushi Cat 4 - married his beloved cat, and they went on their honeymoon. They sailed on the ship, nothing no signs of trouble, when suddenly a shot rang out, their ship was hit. The cat resolutely rushed to rescue the ship. To do this, he must plug the hole with his body. But he fell through the hole because pretty thin lately.

After you help him eat all the sushi and gain weight, he and his beloved yet landed. There he got into more trouble and met a huge evil cat. But in this situation, our hero was not taken aback ... As always, the continuation of this amazing story, you will know if you pass Sushi Cat 4 to the end. In general, the plot of the game is very interesting and it could be the basis for the cartoon.

How to play

Sushi Cat 4 includes 12 rounds during which you have to help the Cat to fill his stomach. For this it is necessary to eat 30 sushi. The stomach is shown in the left part of the screen. To do this, you should carefully consider tactics and release the cat at the right time in the right place. In each level you have five attempts. Move your cat up and drop it on the playing field, using a computer mouse or touchpad (if you're playing on your mobile device). He will bounce and bounce off objects that come across his path. Sometimes it may seem that the cat is about to burst!

Age category

Sushi Cat is suitable for all ages. This lively, colorful game. Children and adults alike will have fun eating sushi spherical cat.


With each new level of complexity of the game increases. If you manage to go through the game and find out the end of these adventures Sushi Cat, we invite you to play in the next part of the game. On our site you can play online in Sushi Cat 1 2 3 4 5.